The new Civic Type-R has been released for over a year now, and finally more and more manufacturers are starting to release parts for it. While many of these manufacturers have had parts ready for a while, they haven’t stocked them yet as they are still feeling out the market.

Today Megan Racing has announced that they have released their new EZ Street budget minded coilovers for the new Civic Type-R. With a price of $649, these are what I believe are the least expensive coilovers on the market. But don’t think just because they’re cheap that they’re bad. In this case, they’re designed to be or those who mainly want to lower their car but don’t want any fancy features.

These coilovers have a spring rate of 6k front and 6k rear, are 15 way adjustable and you must reuse your OEM top hats – this means you need to get a spring compressor and take apart your OEm suspension (yes it’s more work, but you save money on parts).

Megan Racing includes new sway bar end links to ensure you have a complete kit. So for those of you guys with the new Civic Type-R that mainly use it on the street, track 1-2 times a year (or not at all), this kit is for you.

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