One of the best ways to increase horsepower and torque on your VQ35DE engine is with a set of high flow headers. With the large availability of aftermarket performance headers available, it might be overwhelming to figure out which to buy.

For the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 powered by the VQ35DE engine (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006), Megan Racing has come out with stainless steel headers that reduce exhaust restriction and increase flow dramatically, allowing your 350Z / G35 to create more power and torque while giving your car an awesome modified sound.

Today we’re going to review the features and specs of these headers and give you our opinion on if they are a good or bad header for your car.

Over the year, we’ve reviewed many headers, and always found that amongst the top brands, the power and torque gains are generally all the same for these type of shorty style headers. Most are copies of each other and most produce within 1-2 horsepower and torque of each other. So when reading reviews, don’t look at power production as each car can vary depending on mods and each dyno can read different, so read the absolute gain from adding the headers, not the total number.

Megan Racing 350Z Headers have been proven to be among the best fitting for the price. Generally you can find them under $300 and for that price, for a set of stainless steel headers, you really can’t beat it. They’re also made from T304 stainless (unlike cheaper Made in China headers that can be 201 or even thinner steel), so they are good quality and have good weld craftsmanship to ensure they last a long time.

These Megan Racing G35 headers are a direct replacement for your factory headers and work with any exhaust system that bolts to the factory headers. This makes them very versatile.

They are not smog legal or CARB legal as any aftermarket header technically isn’t legal, but check your local laws as there might be some exception.

So these Megan Racing headers have had good reviews and we do recommend them for your 350Z or G35. We’d love to hear your comments on these below… how much power did you make? Would you do it again? What are your reviews on these from your own experience? Would you recommend them? Let us know below!

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