Today I wanted to review the popular TEIN Basis Z Coilovers for the Lexus SC300, SC400 (from 1992 to 2000) and Toyota Supra from 1993 to 1998. These are TEIN part number GST60-81SS2.

As you can see from the photo above, these are literally called Basis coilovers as they replaced what TEIN back in the day used to call Basic. The new name is Basis. These are as basic as they come, but that’s not a bad thing. They are essentially perfect for those who want to lower their car and control the amount that they lower it as they are adjustable.

In the above photo you can see they do not come with top hats. These require that you remove your OEM top hats from your factory shocks and spring assembly and carry it over to this new one. The problem with them not coming with top hats is that you need to rent spring compressors and deal with the headache of moving over the springs. I say it’s a headache because most people don’t find this to be fun though if you are experienced it’s not that bad.

The shocks are also non adjustable. The dampening or firmness is pre set by TEIN so you do not have the ability to adjust it. Again, this could be a blessing in disguise because most people want adjustability but then they set them incorrectly and really throw off the handling of the car. With these being pre-set, you don’t have to worry about any headache when it comes to set up. The downside is if you want to run it full soft for daily driving, you can’t… though they are already set to what TEIN believes is the best compromise between handling and comfort… however they are NOT a performance coilover… not intended for track duty.

GST60-81SS2 Specs
672 lb front springs (12mm ID)
392 lb rear springs (7mm ID)

Height Adjustability Range:

93-98 Toyota Supra: 0.0″ to 3.3″ Front. 0.3″ to 2.7″ Rear.
92-00 Lexus SC300: 0.4″ to 3.7″ Front. 0.7″ to 3.7″ Rear.
92-00 Lexus SC400: 0.4″ to 3.7″ Front. 0.7″ to 3.7″ Rear.

Note: You can go from pretty much stock height on a Supra down to around 3″. About half an inch drop even at highest setting on SC300/SC400.

Review Conclusion


  • Pre set dampening for those who do not want to fiddle with extra settings
  • Includes 4 shocks and 4 springs for a complete shock/spring replacement
  • Entry level pricing of around $450


  • Does not include top hats so you need extra work to move over your old ones.
  • Height is controlled by squeezing the spring, not by the shock body. So low cars will have a worse ride.
  • Non adjustable dampening shocks
  • No longer rebuildable shocks. The “Z” series is a sealed shock and can’t be serviced, must be replaced if worn or blown.
  • No longer made in Japan

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